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domingo, agosto 17, 2014

Wife fights to keep sponsored Cuban hubby's family out of Canada

Deborah Parsons and husband Raul Oscar Alvarez-Hervas. (Supplied photo)
TORONTO -- Deborah Parsons thought she had secured love and a happy future when she sponsored her new Cuban husband to Canada nine years ago.
Instead, she brought home violence, debt and a now-convicted domestic abuser intent on bringing the rest of his family to his new country. And despite her repeated warnings to the immigration department about her husband’s past since coming to Canada, they won’t tell her what they are doing to ensure members of his family are not allowed to come here as well.
“Now that the veil of control and abuse has lifted, my hindsight has become quite clear,” Parsons, 45, wrote in a letter to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander. “I was only used for sponsorship, then required to be the bread winner, a maid, a chef, a laundress, a secretary, an employment agency and a charity organization.”
She urged the minister to stop her husband from sponsoring his family and to provide her with information on the case to “ease the pain of the shame I carry daily for bringing someone like this to Canada.”
In an e-mail that arrived Thursday, Parsons was assured CIC is well aware of her concerns regarding her husband. “All information received will be carefully assessed and considered and the appropriate action taken.”
But it also said the Privacy Act prevents them from sharing any information about the “initiation or outcome of any investigation.”
Parsons was aghast. “Why, if I am still married to this (man) and am the Canadian who sponsored him, do I have no right to know what’s going on?” she demands. “Why does a whole Cuban family get sponsored to Canada on the back of (an alleged) fraud?”
In February 2003, a vacationing Parsons met lifeguard Raul Oscar Alvarez-Hervas at a Cuban resort when he rescued her sister following a paragliding accident. After a whirlwind telephone and e-mail romance, she returned to marry him three months later. “I was a stupid girl who thinks, ‘Isn’t this amazing, the poetry, the dripping flower e-mails. Isn’t he so romantic?’”
It took two years and thousands of dollars spent on paperwork, long distance phone bills, 10 return flights and gifts for him and his family before she managed to sponsor him here. But, just five months after his arrival, Alvarez-Hervas disappeared and Parsons wouldn’t see him again for 18 months.
Lucky for him, he came to Canada before a 2012 change was made to the immigration act to combat marriage fraud. Now an immigrant spouse must live with their Canadian sponsor for at least two years or their permanent resident status will be revoked.
Alvarez-Hervas, who did not respond to numerous telephone messages asking for comment, was in the clear.
Her husband returned to Toronto in 2008 and convinced her he was now ready to settle down. Foolishly, she took him back. But it was a tumultuous reunion and on June 24 of that year, she says Alvarez-Hervas beat her. Toronto Police charged him with theft under $5,000, two counts of threatening death and assault with a weapon.
As the trial date approached, she was asked if she wanted it to go ahead or see her husband diverted to the Partner Assault Response anger management program for abusive spouses. “I opted for PAR, feeling mercy is always the best choice,” she recalls.
They reconciled yet again and were together for another 18 months before he left once more. In 2012, he was back, begging her to move in with him. “I fell for it,” admits Parsons, who runs an event staffing business.
Soon she was paying for his son and mother to come from Cuba for a summer visit; she also saw the paperwork her husband had begun to sponsor them here permanently.
“Once his family left,” she recalls, “he stopped talking to me and told me I had to leave. I told him I would go, but first he’d have to pay back what I’d spent on his family. He went bananas and he started to attack me.”
On Oct. 26, 2012, police charged him once again with assault. Alvarez-Hervas pleaded guilty this past April and was sentenced to another anger management program as well as six months of probation. She hasn’t seen him since.
Now drowning in his bills — “everything is in my name” — and shame, Parsons blames her own lovestruck blindness. But her eyes are wide open now and she hopes those of the immigration department are as well.
“I don’t mind the injury that has occurred, it is of my own doing,” she admits. “But please don’t add insult to it by allowing him to sponsor his mother and his son.”


sábado, agosto 09, 2014

Cy Tokmakjian – Imprisoned in Cuba No Charges. No Justice

Vaughan businessman Cy Tokmakjian-ft 

On Sept. 10, 2011, Cy Tokmakjian was in Havana, about to hop into his car. He had a quick chat with his son Raffi, who had arrived in Cuba a week earlier with a delegation of young company presidents to encourage them to invest in the island, which appeared to be opening up for foreign businesses. While Raffi was talking up Cuba’s virtues, the Tokmakjians’ import/export company, the Tokmakjian Group, was being audited by the country’s Communist regime. “My father said: ‘They’re doing an audit, it shouldn’t be a problem. It should be over in a couple of days. I’m driving myself to the investigators to try and get this done.’”

That was the last time Cy spoke to his son as a free man. “This is a tricky situation,” says Raffi. Cy, 74, the Tokmakjian Group’s founder and owner, has been a prisoner in Cuba since that day, imprisoned without charges and then accused of bribery and “economic crimes” that the family and many others insist are false and which appear to be part of a political struggle.
Headquartered in Vaughan, Ont., the Tokmakjian Group is a transportation and import company that has done business in Cuba for two decades. It was the largest private business in Cuba. As the exclusive distributor for Hyundai product, it had approximately $80 million in total annual revenues. “Obviously, it’s a struggle for us,” Raffi says. “Our father, the grandfather of our kids, has been gone for three years. We’ve had illnesses in the family that we’ve kept hidden from him, so as not to upset him. We’ve gone through everything that comes with having a family member locked up.”
Cy was on good terms with Fidel Castro, who was Cuba’s president from 1959 to 2008. Things went sour for the Tokmakjian Group — and other Canadian and international businesses — when Raúl Castro, Fidel’s brother, became president. The Raúlistas profess to be open to foreign investment and new business. They have been easing relations with long-time enemy the United States and passing a package of tax cuts, tax breaks and investment security guarantees in the Cuban National Assembly this year. Symbolically, at Nelson Mandela’s funeral in December 2013, Raúl Castro shook hands with American President Barack Obama, though their two countries have not had diplomatic relations since January 1961.
Yet Cy was held for nearly two and a half years before even being charged, and his top managers, fellow Canadians Claudio Vetere and Marco Puche, were also arrested. “I’ll just tell you that he has been thrown in prison for a large part of his stay there,” says Raffi, his 37-year-old son and now president of the Tokmakjian Group. “That’s what happens to convicted criminals [not people who face charges and await trial]. He was in a cell with 48 other people.”
Cy has spent much of his time languishing in La Condesa, a prison for foreigners in the middle of a sugar cane plantation. “It’s better than an ordinary prison, but it’s still jail and it’s dangerous,” says Lee Hacker, spokesperson for the family and vice-president of finance of Tokmakjian Ltd. La Condesa may be better than a domestic jail in Cuba, but that’s not saying much, explains Raffi. “There are four small complexes there,” he says, estimating the inside of each 48-prisoner building to be about 20 feet by 80 feet.
Going by his memory of a drawing shown to him by a former prisoner, Raffi says, “There are two rows of 12 bunk beds, separated by a walkway. There’s a substandard-level kitchen facility, and they share doorless toilets.”The prisoners have a common dirt field for exercise. “Apparently the mosquitoes, flies and other insects are horrendous, and in the summer months the heat is overwhelming — they don’t put in any air conditioning,” Raffi says.
The prisoners in La Condesa are all foreigners, but that’s small comfort, he adds. “There are other Canadians, South Americans, Europeans.” Some are business people accused of “economic crimes” like his father, but others range from “drug smugglers, contract killers to pedophiles.” It’s not pleasant. “He’s in a military hospital right now,” Hacker adds. “He had some health issues; he was bitten by a scorpion at one point. But he sounds OK when I speak with him on the phone.”If Cy is indeed “OK,” it speaks to his resilience and determination to weather an ordeal that has already cost him years of freedom and could cost more, including the fortune he and his company built doing business with Cuba since 1996.
His family and friends hope that, even if he is convicted this summer, he will be expelled, free to go to Canada. Then the Tokmakjian Group can pursue recovery of the millions seized by the Cubans in court. While waiting for an outcome from the Cuban justice system, the Tokmakjian Group has launched its own proceedings in the Ontario Superior Court and in the Barbados, where it also does business, as well as at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, seeking more than $250 million from the Cubans in restitution and damages.
“Cy is a very personable man and he gets along with people very well. He had no reason to see why he would be targeted,” Hacker says. “We’ve been very upfront. We tell them [the Cubans]: we’re taking you to international court and you’re going to lose. But it’s like talking to a ghost.” After waiting since 2011 to find out what they might face from the Cuban justice system, Cy and his co-managers were put on trial from June 9 to 21. A verdict is expected any day.
The Cubans have already seized more than $91 million in personal and company assets. If convicted, Cy could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison, and his managers for up to eight to 12 years. As well, 10 Cuban officials of the company face imprisonment. Cuba’s Communist Party daily, Granma, said that Cy and the others accused “were afforded all rights associated with their defence, and their lawyers presented evidence and arguments which they considered necessary.”
Nonsense, says Hacker. “We use the word ‘infirmities.’ The process is really embarrassing,” he says. “You have Cuban lawyers that represent you. They’re generally pretty good, but you know they can’t do everything they might want to do.” The Cuban defence lawyers were restricted in the evidence they could call that might exonerate Cy and the other defendants, Hacker says. “The charges were trumped up and the trial was a farce,” says Peter Kent, Member of Parliament for Thornhill, the Tokmakjians’ home, and a former minister of state for foreign affairs (Americas).
“It’s a warning that any investor today is at risk of running into the same, unacceptable fate as Cy Tokmakjian,” says the Conservative MP, who has followed the case closely, visited Tokmakjian in Cuba and offered his support. The Canadian government, which maintains diplomatic relations with Cuba, has also been supportive, and both the current and former Canadian ambassadors to Cuba attended the 12-day trial.
Nevertheless, Raffi (who was advised by the Canadian government not to attend because of security concerns), says the outcome seems preordained: “What I can say is that we expect them to find him guilty. Not because he’s guilty but because that’s the way they do things down there.”It’s hard for outsiders to understand why the Cubans, who are desperate for investment and economic growth, would send a shivering signal to investors around the world by arresting and trying someone like Cy Tokmakjian. He is by no means the first foreign businessman to suffer such a fate in Cuba. In February, another Canadian businessman, Sarkis Yacoubian, was suddenly expelled from Cuba where he had first been held without charges like Cy and then sentenced to nine years at La Condesa. Yacoubian, who operated a $30-million transport company called Tri-Star Caribbean, was arrested in July 2011, two months before Cy, yet was only charged in April 2013, accused of bribery, tax evasion and “activities damaging to the economy.”
Yacoubian was convicted and sentenced even though he agreed to cooperate with Cuban authorities. French national Jean-Louis Autret and British businessman Stephen Purvis were also jailed, and later freed, with their assets being seized by the Cuban interior ministry.
“Their stories, like Cy’s, have created a climate of uncertainty and concern among foreign companies that remain invested in Cuba,” says Kent. Last year, Purvis, who was freed after 15 months in jail, wrote to the British magazine The Economist saying that he met other foreigners in Cuba who faced charges of “sabotage, damage to the economy, tax avoidance and illegal economic activity.”
The widespread crackdown seems to have cast a chill on other businesses. While 50 per cent of Cuba’s tourists are still Canadians desperate to escape the harsh winter, other Canadian companies who once worked happily in Cuba are escaping the island.
“We are no longer doing business with Cuba and don’t have any comments,” says Domenic Primucci, president of the popular Pizza Nova chain, once prominent in Cuba. Pizza Nova had expanded to six restaurants since 1994, but pulled out abruptly in 2011. (The company’s departure coincided with the regime’s moves against foreign businesses, though Primucci has said the decision was unrelated to the Tokmakjian case.)
Raffi says none of the accusations levelled against his father should apply. “Everything we did was according to the jurisdictions we dealt with. Everything was kosher.” What seems to be happening is that certain foreign businesses are being targeted by Raúl Castro’s regime to send a message to other would-be investors, says John Kirk, professor of Latin American Studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax.
“My interpretation is that he [Raúl Castro] wants to set down a marker that business has got to be done with great transparency,” he says. “Strategically it seems to me to be the wrong way to encourage foreign investment,” Kirk adds. But the one-party regime may have its own internal reasons for picking on foreigners.
The regime believes that a number of its own senior officials have been taking kickbacks from foreign companies, and the government wants to send a message that there is only one way to do business in Cuba — the government’s way.
This would explain why only some businesses and executives seem to face jail — and, maybe later on, charges — under the Cuban justice system. Brazil, for example, has invested with impunity, putting some $10 billion into new harbour facilities at Mariel, just west of Havana, Kirk says. Hacker suggests that another reason for the harsh treatment of Cy and other executives might be a power struggle within the regime. “All the Fidelistas are out and all the Raúlistas are in,” he says.
But Kirk says this is likely overblown; the regime is fairly consistent, even if its principles are hard for outsiders to understand or condone. “Cuba at the moment is in the midst of massive social change,” Kirk adds. The Cuban government now allows people to sell those exotic vintage American cars from the 1950s that were lovingly held together by ingenious mechanics since the United States embargo banned imported American vehicles more than 50 years ago. “They’re opening economically to a mixed economy, but they also want you to play by their rules of the game,” Kirk says.Indeed, in a 25-minute televised speech in July, Raúl Castro signalled that the regime will continue to be cautious — and maybe continue to be harsh — when it comes to economic reforms.
Reforms are advancing “but have great complexity,” Castro said. “The process, to be successful, must be conducted with the appropriate gradualness and be accompanied by the permanent control of different party and government structures at all levels. “Gradualness is not a whim, much less a desire to delay the changes that we must make,” he added. “On the contrary, it is about a need to ensure order and avoid gaps that would lead us directly to mistakes that distort the proposed objectives.”
Reading between the lines, it might seem that the regime is not about to remove its firm grip on the way business is done in Cuba. Hacker concedes that Cy has been outspoken and candid with his Cuban colleagues, but both he and Raffi say that’s partly because he has always considered himself among friends.
“One of the things [Cy] kept on saying in court is ‘I’ve done more to help people than your own government has.’ That’s something they hate to hear,” Raffi says.
If he sees his father again, Raffi says, “I guess I would just hug him, say good for you, that I’m proud that he stuck by his morals and that he didn’t give up.” Raffi can’t see how businesses can continue to operate in Cuba when people can be thrown in jail without charges as his father was. Yet Hacker says that Cy might think differently.
“Cy’s been there for 22 years, he loves the country, he loves the people. For them to do this to them, it’s really hurting him in his heart.”
As of printing this article, Cy Tokmakjian is still being held in Cuba, waiting for the final verdict of his case.


jueves, julio 24, 2014

Yunieski Gourriel juega en béisbol canadiense

Marlys Rodriguez Francisco, periódico Escambray 
La presencia de un Gourriel ha acaparado titulares de los medios canadienses. Desde el pasado 10 de julio Yunieski Gourriel se encuentra en Canadá para formar parte del equipo los Capitales de Quebec.
Sin el bombo mediático que han recibido las incorporaciones a equipos asiáticos de Frederich Cepeda, Yulieski Gourriel y Alfredo Despaigne, el mayor de los hijos Gourriel (Gurriel para el béisbol foráneo) también es noticia en Quebec, Canadá, donde ya es parte de la escuadra de los Capitales.
El exjardinero espirituano, ahora de los Industriales de la Habana, había dado algunas informaciones a través de su página personal en la red social Facebook, donde se le puede ver entrenando, vistiendo el uniforme del conjunto quebequense y hasta paseando en helicóptero, sin embargo poco se conoce en la prensa de la isla acerca de su contrato.
Les Capitales de Québec, nombre oficial en francés del equipo, pertenece a la Liga Pro Can-Am (Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball) y no tiene afiliación con la MLB por lo que la contratación de Yunieski no tuvo inconveniente alguno.
La Can-Am League, como se le conoce informalmente en inglés, fue fundada en el 2005 y es un torneo independiente de béisbol profesional que se considera de nivel A. En la actualidad está formada por cuatro equipos: New Jersey Jackals (Little Falls, Nueva Jersey), Rockland Boulders (Ramapo, Nueva York), Trois-Rivières Aigles (Trois-Rivières, Quebec) y los actuales campeones y máximos ganadores del torneo (6) Québec Capitales (ciudad de Quebec , Quebec).
Según informaciones del sitio,  el acuerdo fue rubricado entre el presidente de los Capitales, Michel Laplante, la Federación Cubana de Béisbol y el Inder a finales de junio.
El pasado 10 de julio Yunieski Gourriel arribó a Canadá donde manifestó sus deseos de comenzar a jugar lo antes posible y asistió a la derrota de su equipo 0-5 ante los Rockland Boulders.
Sus anhelos no se hicieron esperar y ya tiene su estreno pactado para hoy miércoles, según anunció el manager del conjunto Patrick Scalabrini, quien expresó que cuentan con jugadores bastante ofensivos en la escuadra pero que desean aprovechar las cualidades defensivas del cubano, a quien consideran excelente guante en mano.
En un evento competitivo sin mucho “ruido” en la arena internacional, la presencia de un Gourriel ha acaparado titulares de los medios canadienses, y hasta el mismísimo Yunieski manifestó “Vengo de una familia conocida, estoy acostumbrado. No importa dónde juguemos, siempre seremos el centro de atención”.


miércoles, julio 02, 2014

Peter Kent, Member of Canada's Parliament On Doing Business in Cuba

Peter Kent [r] with Cy Tokmakjian 
The trial was, from almost any measure, extraordinarily unfair and rigged. I would suggest that before any international investor considers putting a penny into Cuba, they take a look at the way Cy and other businessmen have been treated ...What appears to be the intent of this whole farce is they will seize these very valuable companies, lock up the legitimate owners and try and run the companies as their own.
-- Peter Kent, Member of Canada's Parliament, on imprisoned Canadian businessman Cy Tokmakjian who is facing a 15-year prison term in Cuba, Financial Post, 7/1/14
Also  Cuba Is Open For Business That Might Land You in Jail

lunes, junio 30, 2014

Concluso para sentencia proceso penal contra empresarios extranjeros y exfuncionarios cubanos

Durante los días del 9 al 21 de junio del presente año, se realizó por la Sala Segunda de lo Penal del Tribunal Provincial Popular de La Habana, el juicio oral y público por los delitos de Cohecho, Actos en Perjuicio de la Actividad Eco­nómica o de la Contratación, Fal­sificación de Documentos Ban­carios y de Comercio, Es­tafa, Trá­fico de Divisas y Evasión Fiscal, contra los empresarios canadienses Vahe Cy Tok­makjian, Marco Vinicio Puche Rodríguez y Clau­dio Franco Vetere.
La Fiscalía General de la Re­pública acusó a Vahe Cy Tokmakjian de utilizar mecanismos fraudulentos y corruptores para obtener be­neficios en las negociaciones con entidades cu­banas, provocando afectaciones considerables a nuestra economía; realizar sin la autorización correspondiente operaciones de intermediación financiera; extraer del país ilícitamente cuantiosas sumas de dinero; alterar la información de registros contables y declaraciones juradas con el propósito de eludir sus obligaciones tributarias; así como efectuar retribuciones monetarias a varios trabajadores, quienes en realidad realizaban funciones distintas a las autorizadas legalmente o no estaban contratados por entidades nacionales.
Además, fueron acusados los exdirectivos cubanos pertenecientes al extinto Ministerio del Azúcar, Nelson Ricardo Labrada Fer­nán­dez (exviceministro); Ma­nuel Her­iberto Fer­nández San­tiesteban, Leonardo Fidel Del­gado Dorta, Jorge Luis Machado Pérez y José René Rubio Escobar; del  exMinisterio de In­dustria Básica, Alberto Cirilo Pantón Grahan (exdirector general de Cu­baníquel), Ernesto Gómez Cum­plido (exdirector de Ferroníquel Minera S.A.) y Fidel Penín Oliva; así como Jorge Luis Melo Reyes, exdirector de la Asociación Eco­nómica Internacional CISTUR del Ministerio de Turismo.
También se imputaron hechos delictivos contra Edmundo Javier Cabrera Díaz, An­tonio Gilí González, Boris Ernesto Barber Ve­lis, Armando Enrique Martínez Ganfo y Elsa Fer­nández Proenza, quienes ocupaban diferentes responsabilidades en la Sucursal Tok­makjian Group en Cuba.
La Fiscalía interesó la comparecencia en el proceso penal como terceros civilmente responsables, a las compañías extranjeras Tok­makjian Group Inc; Tokmakjian Limited, C.Y.M.C. y Tokmakjian International Inc.
En el juicio oral se examinaron las declaraciones de los acusados y numerosas pruebas documentales, testificales y de los peritos de la Contraloría General de la República, la Oficina Nacional de Administración Tributaria (ONAT) y el Ministerio de Comercio Ex­terior y de la Inversión Extranjera. Los acusados y las compañías que comparecieron como terceros ci­vilmente responsables, contaron con todas las garantías para el ejercicio de la defensa y sus abogados propusieron las pruebas y expusieron los argumentos que consideraron necesarios.
El Fiscal, en su informe final interesó para Nelson Ricardo Labrada Fernández y Vahe Cy Tokmakjian las sanciones de 20 y 15 años de privación de libertad, respectivamente, y para el resto de los acusados entre 8 y 12 años de privación de libertad.
La Fiscalía solicitó al Tribunal, además, disponer la obligación de los acusados de abonar más de 91 millones de dólares que como daño económico causaron a varias entidades cubanas y a la Administración Tributaria, los que interesó sean retribuidos, en parte, con los bienes y dinero ocupados durante el proceso investigativo a Vahe Cy Tokmakjian y a las mencionadas compañías.
El Tribunal declaró el proceso concluso pa­ra sentencia y pronunciará su decisión en los próximos días.


lunes, junio 16, 2014

En marcha juicio contra empresario canadiense arrestado en Cuba

Cy Tokmakjian (izq.) durante la visita que realizara el miembro del Parlamento canadiense, Peter Kent, a la prisión de La Condesa, a fines del pasado año.
Por Redacción CaféFuerte
El juicio contra el empresario canadiense Cy Tokmakjian, detenido hace más de dos años bajo acusaciones de corrupción en Cuba,está en marcha en un tribunal de La Habana y se espera que se extienda por al menos dos semanas, indicaron fuentes relacionadas con el caso.
Tokmakjian, de 74 años, está siendo juzgado desde el pasado 9 de junio en el Tribunal Provincial Popular de La Habana, junto a otras 16 personas involucradas en las operaciones de su empresa registrada en Cuba, el poderoso Grupo Tokmakjian. El juicio se desarrolla a puertas cerradas, con un reducido acceso de familiares de los acusados.
La fuente indicó que representantes de la Embajada de Canadá en La Habana asistieron a las audiencias la pasada semana.
El proceso judicial pone fin a una prolongada investigación por supuestos actos de soborno, evasión de impuestos, transgresión de contratos y otros delitos comerciales cometidos por Tokmakjian y sus subordinados, y los acusados podrían encarar condenas de entre ocho y 15 años de cárcel,
Enconado caso de corrupción
Pero la celebración del juicio parece encaminarse no solo a resolver uno de los más enconados casos de corrupción de las empresas extranjeras en Cuba durante la última década, sino también a buscar una salida a la encrucijada que representa la detención indetenida de Tokmakjian para el gobierno de Raúl Castro.
Tokmakjian es el más notorio de los ejecutivos extranjeros que permanecen arrestados en la isla tras las redadas por corrupción desatadas por el régimen cubano desde el 2009. Pero con la Ley de la Inversión Extranjera a solo días de entrar en vigor y la urgencia de atraer capital foráneo para impulsar la maltrecha economía nacional, la vía de encontrar una solución para este caso parece lo más razonable.
“Creo que en este momento lo menos que necesita Cuba son detenciones y litigios con empresarios y compañías extranjeras”, dijo a CaféFuerte una fuente diplomática que pidió anonimato. “Tener a un empresario detenido por dos años y medio sin formularle cargos no resulta muy estimulante a los oídos de los inversionistas”.
En abril del 2013, el gobierno cubano canceló oficialmente las operaciones del Grupo Tokmakjian, una de las mayores empresas extranjeras que operó por los últimos 25 años en Cuba, argumentando violaciones incurridas en sus actividades comerciales dentro del territorio nacional.
Demanda en Canadá
El Grupo Tokmakjian respondió con una demanda contra el gobierno cubano, presentada ante el Tribunal Superior de Ontario, en Canadá. La demanda alega que los activos del Grupo Tokmakjian fueron indebidamente confiscados y culpa a las autoridades cubanas de interferir las relaciones comerciales de la compañía con sus clientes.
En septiembre del 2011, agentes de la Seguridad del Estado ocuparon y sellaron los locales de la firma en el cuarto piso del edificio Barcelona del Miramar Trade Center, en La Habana. Tokmakjian fue detenido y permanece desde entonces en la cárcel para extranjeros de La Condesa, en el municipio de Güines, Mayabeque.
La medida fue acompañada por una comunicación del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y el Consejo de Estado, enviada a las empresas cubanas, para que detuvieran todas sus operaciones comerciales con el Grupo Tokmakjian.
Radicado en Ontario, el Grupo Takmakjian era la segunda empresa extranjera con mayores operaciones comerciales en Cuba después de Sherritt International. Facturaba anualmente unos $80 millones de dólares en ventas de equipamiento para la construcción y la minería.
La compañía era además la distribuidora exclusiva de Hyundai en Cuba y estaba asociada con otras dos empresas para el remplazo de motores de equipos de transporte de la era soviética.
Serias preocupaciones
A través de un comunicado emitido esta semana, el Grupo Tokmakjian ratificó la inocencia de su máximo ejecutivo y enfatizó que en ningún momento las operaciones de la firma transgredieron las leyes cubanas.
“Las acusaciones y los cargos presentados por las autoridades cubanas contra el Grupo Tokmakjian son completamente infundados y la defensa lo demostrará claramente”, dijo Lee Hacker, portavoz de la familia Tokmakjian y vicepresidente de finanzas de la compañía.
Sin embargo, Haker agregó que existen serias preocupaciones por la falta de un debido proceso, la transparencia y la independencia del sistema judicial cubano, por lo que la familia teme que el resultado del juicio ya esté determinado.
El proceso contra Tokmakjian tiene lugar exactamente un año y un mes después de que otro importante empresario canadiense, Sarkis Yacoubian, fuera juzgado y condenado a nueve años de prisión bajo acusaciones de soborno,  evasión de impuestos y actividades perjudiciales para la economía nacional. Yacoubian, que permaneció detenido desde julio del 2011, cooperó con las autoridades cubanas y fue liberado el pasado febrero, permitiéndosele regresar a Canadá sin cumplir el resto de su condena.
Ambos empresarios -de origen armenio- comenzaron juntos sus negocios en Cuba y luego decidieron seperarse. Tokmakjian firmó su primer contrato con el gobierno cubano en 1988.
En junio del 2013, los empresarios británicos Amado Fakhre y Stephen Purvis, director ejecutivo y jefe de operaciones de la firma Coral Capital hasta 2011, fueron también liberados tras permanecer en prisión por casi dos años y enfrentar un juicio por corrupción. No trascendió si les fueron retirados los cargos o el tribunal les impuso una sentencia de menor cuantía.


miércoles, junio 11, 2014

Canadian family discovers how “very sinister” Castrogonia can be

Babalú Blog
Mr. Gigel Tonea
Canadians are the world's biggest supporters of the Castro regime.
Every year, they flock to the slave plantation resorts by the hundreds of thousands and make up about one half of the total number of tourists.
These tourists could not care less about human rights issues.  Obviously, they consider Cubans inferior beings lacking in the same human dignity as Canadians, and they care nothing about the abuses suffered by the enslaved  Cubans who wait on them hand and foot.
Every now and then, however, a story surfaces in the Canadian news media about some Canadian family that ends up being treated like Cuban natives.
When this happens, the Canadians involved howl in protest. "How can they treat us like this?, " they ask.
Sad as all these stories are -- and natural as it is to feel compassion for these Canadians -- one cannot help but wonder why these true life accounts do nothing to stem the flow of tourists to the island.
Will they ever admit how wrong they are?  Will they ever mount a campaign to shun this tourist destination?
Don't hold your breath.
This story involves a death and the cruel twists and turns experienced by the dead man's family.  Read on.  But also add this detail, missing from the news story: when foreigners die in Castrogonia, their loved ones are charged exorbitant fees for the handling of the corpse.  It's one of the cruelest means of extortion practiced by the Castronoids, yet that gross detail hardly ever surfaces in any of these news stories.
....And... don't even ask what has happened to the other tourist who killed this Canadian with his rented speedboat.
From Metro:
Toronto man’s death by speedboat in Cuba shrouded in secrecy
Sitting on the shore of Cuba’s Santa Lucia beach last month, Anca Tonea could see a speedboat stopped in the bright blue waters, close to the reef where her husband, Gigel, was snorkeling.
When she saw a passenger lift a man out of the water, Tonea knew something wasn’t right. The man’s flippered feet, she says, were dangling off the side of the boat, lifeless.
Tonea watched the boat speed away, and when her husband failed to return to the beach, she knew it had been his body hoisted aboard.
After a chaotic few hours seeking answers — Where was her husband taken? Could she see him? How was he doing? — she says she was brought to the hotel lobby, where a resort employee delivered the devastating news.
Gigel, a vibrant 66-year-old dental technician and father of three, was dead.
The Toronto man’s grieving family is now left with questions about what led to Gigel’s death and reeling from the way they say Anca was treated.
The Toneas say Cuban officials did not allow Anca to see her husband’s body, asked her to identify him using just the mass-produced flippers he had brought from Toronto, and — most painfully — failed to inform her of the cause of death while she was still in Cuba. Until she arrived in Toronto the following day, Anca says, she believed Gigel had suffered a stroke or gone into cardiac arrest in the water.
It wasn’t until her three kids used Google to translate the Spanish police report, they say, that they learned he was run over by a speedboat while snorkeling.
“It was the word ‘propeller’ that told us,” said her eldest, Alexander Dandy, referring to a Cuban police report that says Gigel suffered fatal injuries to his head and back after being struck by the boat. “The idea that she left Cuba without knowing how he died, that’s very sinister.”
Continue reading HERE >>


sábado, abril 19, 2014

Tussle mars Halifax flight from Cuba

A flight from Cuba to Halifax was delayed and two unruly female passengers were denied entry to the jetliner after a disturbance at the Varadero airport, another passenger said Friday.
“It took four Cuban security guards to pull the two girls apart,” said a woman who flew back to Halifax aboard Air Canada Flight 717. She didn’t want her name used.
“They were drunk. Every word out of their mouths was an obscenity.”
The flight, which was ultimately delayed for about 21/2 hours, arrived in Halifax at about 1:30 a.m. Friday, the woman said.
She said the two combatants in the scuffle were part of a group of four females who were travelling together with three children and had taken the same flight that she took to Varadero on April 10.
The women arrived at the Varadero airport on Thursday night for the return flight with drinks in their hands, she said, and one of them hollered at the children in the terminal when they asked for something to eat.
“One of the blonds yelled at the kids, ‘You should have (expletive) eaten at the (expletive) resort because now we have no money,’” the passenger related.
“Everyone in the airport could hear them.”
Within earshot of the four women, she told the pilot she didn’t think they should be served alcohol on the flight to Halifax, she said.
“So the one girl says to me, ‘It’s none of your (expletive) business, lady,’” the woman recounted.
“So I said to the pilot we didn’t want to get on a plane with people like this and she chimed in, ‘So what if we’re (expletive) strippers, so what.’”
The passenger said she felt the four travelling companions had been over-served by flight staff on the trip to Cuba a week earlier.
“We were all wondering if they’d show up for the flight home,” she said.
“It was just like (the reality TV show) Jersey Shore, no sense of decency or shame, and so loud.”
But she said she felt the plane’s captain “handled the situation as well as it could be handled” at the airport before the return flight.
Two of the women weren’t allowed to board the plane and the other two weren’t served liquor on the flight, she said.
Asked whether the incident had ruined her vacation, the woman replied, “Oh no, I had a great vacation.”
A request for comment from Air Canada went unanswered Friday. It wasn’t known if the two women refused passage on the flight had yet returned to Halifax.
No other passengers of the flight could be contacted to verify the woman’s story.


martes, marzo 25, 2014

Ottawa father drowns during vacation in Cuba

Yue Liu of Ottawa drowned last week at a beach resort  in Varadero Cuba. His 7-year-old son, Connor, narrowly survived.
Yue Liu Liu was playing in the ocean with his son last Wednesday when a strong wave overtook them and the two were caught in a current.
Liu's wife Fanyan Bu, was at the hotel pool with their 9 year daughter Crystal.
Witnesses say Liu managed to keep his son's head above water and was screaming for help.
Another Canadian man on the beach, jumped in to save them.
As his son was being rescued Liu said to him "I cannot save you anymore", those were his last words. When Liu was finally pulled from the water he could not be resuscitated.
Ottawa's Chinese community is rallying to support the family with fundraising efforts.


martes, marzo 18, 2014

Eliseo Diego: "Para que sirvo yo?" y la manipulacion castrista con la tarja de Heredia en las Cataratas del Niagara

Un comentario de    al articulo de  Josefina de Diego, hija del poeta Eliseo Diego en ocasion del vigesimo aniversario de su fallecimiento, da cuenta de la siguiente anecdota:

"Cuando el fue a develar la tarja de Heredia en el Niagara (el canadiense, el torrencial) se enfermo -se refiere a Eliseo Diego-. Tu mama y yo estabamos a su lado. En un momento quizas penso que estaba solo y murmuro (!ese murmullo suyo!)
-?Para que sirvo yo?"

El hecho que en el Niagara "torrencial" el turista ocasional puede constatar la sensibilidad de un poeta cubano de principios del siglo XIX ante la majestuosidad del accidente geografico es sobrecogejor. Lo que es infame es que con el pretexto del deterioro de la tarja original emplazada alli en 1955 por el Contingente de Scouts Cubanos al 8vo Jamboree Mundial, en 1989 el regimen cubano la sustituyo por la actual, sin hacer referencia a los patrocinadores originales. 
 Ante la consumacion de la infamia en la que habia sido enrrolado el poeta honesto murmuro adolorido: "para que sirvo yo?"
Cualquier precision historica al respecto se agradece.
Una exhaustiva cronica de los hechos puede apreciarse en:
Tarja original/ ©Foto por Victor Ivan Lopez, junio de 1989
Cataratas del Niágara, Canadá - Viernes, 26 de agosto de 1955Oficiales de la comisión de Parques del Niágara, se reunieron en la tarde de ayer con prominentes residentes cubanos, para recibir una tarja conmemorando al exiliado patriota y poeta del siglo XIX, José María Heredia, quien escribiera el poema "Niágara". De izquierda a derecha, encontramos a: Maxim T. Gray, gerente general; Domingo Romeu, scout cubano; Fred M. Cairns, vicepresidente de la junta de directores; Dr. José Borrel, presidente del consejo nacional de los Scouts de Cuba; Mons. Alfredo Muller, obispo auxiliar de La Habana; y la señora Maud de Corona, comisionada nacional de los Lobatos de Cuba. (Foto de: Norman Slingerland).
La nueva placa foto ©Victor Ivan Lopez, junio 2005


martes, marzo 11, 2014

Canadá y Estados Unidos, principales emisores de turistas a Cuba

Por Osmar Laffita 
Cuba actualidad, Capdevila, La Habana, (PD) Han trascurrido dos meses
del presente año y la prensa oficial todavía no ha reflejado nada
referente al comportamiento del turismo en el año que terminó, a pesar
de que el gobierno cubano sitúa esa actividad entre las que más entradas
de divisas le reportan al país.

Lo único que se ha podido conocer del cumplimiento de la industria sin
humo cubana fue la información brindada por José Manuel Bisbé, director
comercial del Ministerio del Turismo (MINTUR) a la prensa internacional
y la especializada como el semanario Opciones.

Por una suma de factores negativos, en 2013, según el directivo, se
produjo una desaceleración en la entrada de turistas, principalmente a
mediados de año.

El director comercial del MINTUR señaló que por toda una serie de
medidas tomadas en el último trimestre de 2013 se pudo remontar y
terminar el año con una entrada de 2 852 000, igual a la registrada en
2012, lo que indica que la meta planificada de los 3 000 000 de turistas
se incumplió.

Los ingresos totales del turismo en 2013, de acuerdo a la información
brindada por la Oficina Nacional de Estadística e Información (ONEI)
ascendieron a 1 803 916 200 millones de dólares, lo que representó un
crecimiento de 34 474 5000 millones de dólares en relación con lo
recaudado en 2011.

De los 2 852 572 turistas que visitaron Cuba el pasado año, 1 071 696
fueron canadienses, lo cual ratifica a Canadá como el principal emisor
de turismo a la mayor de las Antillas.

Le siguen orden descendente, el Reino Unido con 149 515 visitantes,
Alemania (115 984), Francia (96 640), Italia (95 452), Argentina (90
084), México (84 704) y España (73 056).

Se registró una caída de 8 298 turistas menos con relación a 2012.

Las informaciones dadas por Manuel Bisbé y la ONEI no concuerdan con el
real comportamiento de la entrada de turistas a Cuba en 2013.

En el caso de los visitantes por regiones, Norteamérica ocupó el primer
lugar, con 1 282 781 turistas, prácticamente el 50% del total de
visitantes reportados el pasado año. De ellos, la mayor cifra fue de
canadienses. Los restante 211 085 se ubican en los Estados Unidos. Pero
tanto el MINTUR como la ONEI pasaron por alto ese dato.

En relación con la llegada de turistas por países, ni el director
comercial del MINTUR ni la ONEI aclaran quiénes integran el desglosado
acápite "otros" bajo el que se reporta la entrada de 727 517 turistas.
Se desprende que ahí están los 600 000 cubano-americanos que visitaron
Cuba en 2013; los 127 517 restantes son los cubanos que residen en otras
regiones del mundo y los norteamericanos autorizados a visitar Cuba por
el programa "Pueblo a Pueblo".

De acuerdo a las cifras brindadas por la ONEI, de los países de Europa
en 2013 visitaron Cuba 810 381 turistas, lo que representó un descenso
de 28 877 visitantes con relación al año 2012.

Si las cifras hablan más que las palabras, todo indica que en las
informaciones del MINTUR y la ONEI deliberadamente ocultaron que Canadá
y los Estados Unidos fueran los países que contribuyeron de manera
decisiva a que el plan de turismo se cumpliera al 98%; en ello fue
determinante las visitas de los cubano-americanos.

Manuel Bisbé y la ONEI no hicieron mención del turismo nacional, que
cobró fuerza en la temporada veraniega, conocida como "temporada baja".
Gracias a las remesas recibidas, muchas familias cubanas pudieron hacer
reservaciones de fin de semana con todo incluido en los diferentes polos
turísticos de la isla, y sumaron 339 470 turistas, lo que contribuyó en
gran medida a compensar la escasez de turistas extranjeros.

Para Cuba actualidad: 


jueves, febrero 27, 2014

A Canadian tourist stuck in Cuba after hitting a pedestrian

Read at CBC News >>


viernes, febrero 14, 2014

Muere un canadiense en un accidente de tránsito en Granma-Cuba
Un ciudadano canadiense murió y cuatro cubanos resultaron heridos este miércoles por la tarde, al chocar un auto de turismo con un carro-grúa en una carretera de la provincia Granma, informó la estatal Agencia de Información Nacional (AIN).
En el choque, que ocurrió en la Carretera Central, cerca de la ciudad de Bayamo, "perdió la vida el ciudadano canadiense Jiwoirn Aisin, de 56 años, quien conducía un automóvil del Ministerio de Turismo, en dirección hacia el occidente de la Isla", señaló la AIN.
Añadió que los cuatro cubanos heridos —dos mujeres y dos hombres— están reportados "de cuidado". Son Odalis Uber Monteagudo, de 26 años de edad y residente en Jiguaní, provincia de Granma; Aliannys Martínez García, de 26 años y procedente de Jimaguayú, Guáimaro, Camagüey; Luis Manuel Álvarez Pelegrino, de 49 años de edad, y Yunior Infante Cobas, de 24 años, ambos de Santiago de Cuba.
El accidente, cuyas causas se investigan, se produjo cuando el auto de turismo impactó contra el carro-grúa de la estatal Empresa de Transporte a Granel, de Santiago de Cuba.


lunes, febrero 10, 2014

Recibira Carlos Varela Doctorado Honoris Causa de la Queen’s University de Canada

Cuando Carlos Varela acepte su título honorario en la Universidad de Queen este año, se enfrentará a un auditorio que posiblemente apoye más al régimen cubano que los propios cubanos.
Recientemente, la universidad confirmó que Varela, un músico de 50 años de La Habana internacionalmente conocido por expresar “las frustraciones de la juventud cubana”, recibirá un doctorado honoris causa durante una ceremonia en junio.
Varela no es un extraño en Queen. Es participante regular en el curso “Cultura y Sociedad Cubanas” de la Universidad, y su trabajo se centra en un nuevo libro, Habáname, co-editado por un profesor de Queen y respaldado por un premio del Comité Asesor de Investigación del Senado. El libro será lanzado este mes en Cuba, y más adelante este año la editorial de la Univesidad de Toronto realizará la traducción al inglés.
Surgido del movimiento nueva trova, Varela es conocido en la canción de protesta (también llamada nueva canción), un género más prominente fuera de Cuba que dentro de la isla.
A diferencia del fuerte y persistente mensaje anti autoritario que las canciones de protesta poseen en América Latina y el Caribe, el movimiento nueva trova — si bien inicialmente fue impulsado por una reacción espontánea y a menudo critica explícitamente la revolución de 1959 — fue asimilado rápidamente e incorporado al aparato estatal. Los músicos de nueva trova recibieron un “entrenamiento especial” que los críticos aseguran que disciplinó la producción artística para ponerla al servicio del Estado.
La protesta se difundió efectivamente hacia el exterior, lejos del régimen cubano.
Así, por ejemplo, César Portillo de la Luz pudo ser obligado a condenar la agresión de Estados Unidos en su canción de 1968, “Oh, Brave Vietnam” (“Oh, valiente Vietnam”) sin siquiera buscar conciliar el hecho de que una década más tarde, Cuba tendría tantas tropas en Angola en relación con el tamaño de la población cubana, como Estados Unidos tenía en Vietnam en el apogeo de la guerra.
En su apogeo, nueva trova funcionó como “embajador cultural” del régimen cubano. Trovadores como Silvio Rodríguez y Pablo Milanés, cuya música alguna vez había descrito la represión del Estado, fueron reinventados como “voceros de la experiencia revolucionaria”, atractivos tanto para el nacionalismo cubano como para el ejército internacional de reserva de socialistas de sofá.
Pero cuando el colapso de la Unión Soviética obligó a Cuba a entrar en un “período especial” en el cual la comida fue paulatinamente remplazada con agua azucarada y el cubano promedio perdió subas de veinte libras, la naturaleza propagandística de nueva trova se tornó más difícil de vender, al menos en casa.
Carlos Varela creció a la sombra de Rodríguez y Milanés, pero su contribución a nueva trova es diferente. “Mi cubanidad [identidad cubana] está lejos de un muchacho en una guayabera con un cigarro”, dice Varela. “En mis canciones no se ve naturaleza; se ve asfalto y gasolina”.
Varela es un artista talentoso con una mente crítica. Esa fue mi confusión luego de conocer al músico algunos años atrás, durante una de sus visitas a Queen – una valoración que compartí con uno de los críticos de larga data más explícitos contra la dictadura comunista en Cuba, el escritor exiliado y periodista cubano Carlos Alberto Montaner.
Sin embargo, la representación erudita de Varela como un crítico “controversial” e incluso incuestionable, contrasta ampliamente con el desprecio que los académicos canadienses poseen por los activistas que han sido catalogados por el gobierno cubano como disidentes o “gusanos” en el exilio.
El libro de texto requerido para el curso de Cuba en Queen, incluye dos canciones de Varela en un partículo individual, pero ignora el trabajo de más críticos conocidos como Yoani Sánchez, Guillermo Fariñas y Berta Soler de las Damas de Blanco, un movimiento opositor formado por las viudas y mujeres partidarias de los 75 activistas cubanos aprisionados en 2003.
Las lecturas no incluyen nada de Montaner, a pesar de que hay un capítulo de Saul Landau, quien sostiene que los cubanos deberían agradecer que no se encuentran en Miami, ¡donde su trabajo “enriquecería a una verdadera clase parasitaria”!
Al pensar quien toma las decisiones relacionadas con las becas en Cuba, se puede pensar en la propia explicación de Varela sobre como los medios estatales cubanos solían relegar su música a las peores horas (en el alba o en la noche tardía): “Sabes que ellos no llaman a eso censura”, explica Varela, “lo llaman criterio de selección.”
Exponer las voces activistas silenciadas en Cuba no implica desestimar las contribuciones de Varela, sino poner estas contribuciones – y el criterio según el cual son seleccionadas – en perspectiva.
Varela se declaró contra la agresión estatal a las Damas de Blanco y a favor del derecho de todos los cubanos a tener más libertad. Mientras asegura que no tiene intenciones de emigrar, Varela reconoce que los cubanos están “condenados” a vivir en la perpetuidad del pasado, en medio de una arquitectura que se desmorona y “apuntalados edificios, que apuntalan la propia desilusión”. Aquí, Varela parece hacer eco de los sentimientos del ultra conservador Theodore Dalrymple, quien alguna vez escribió que “La Habana es como Beirut, sin haber pasado por la guerra civil para alcanzar la destrucción”.
Los académicos dicen que las reflexiones críticas más conmovedoras de Varela surgen del velo de interpretación de la alegoría, las insinuaciones y la metáfora. Estos son, por supuesto, los estándares típicos bajo una dictadura.
Pero cuando el doble discurso pasa de la esfera artística a la académica, la línea entre política y academia se disuelve problemáticamente.
Este fue el caso en la reciente entrevista con Varela realizada por dos de los tres editores de Habáname (ambos involucrados en el curso de Queen sobre Cuba). En la entrevista, publicada en la revista Latin American Music Review, los académicos describen a Varela como una figura de confianza “en un lugar donde el liderazgo político es complicado”.
La redefinición eufemística de la dinastía cubana, una dictadura de partido único, como “complicada”, elude de forma estratégica lidiar con el problema principal.
Como Montaner señala – en un artículo que apropiadamente abre con unos versos de Varela – Cuba ha sido gobernada por alguno de los hermanos Castro por casi la mitad de sus 115 años de existencia como nación independiente.
Como avanza la historia política, no parece ser más simple que eso.
Lo que sí es complicado, en cambio, es preguntar cómo la selección de Sánchez, Fariñas, Soler o Montaner para un título honorario, en lugar de o además de Varela, podría impactar en el acuerdo de intercambio entre la Universidad de Queens y la Universidad de La Habana.
Los que intenten responder apreciarían escuchar a Varela cantar 25 mil mentiras sobre la verdad en lugar de un discurso de agradecimiento tradicional.


viernes, febrero 07, 2014

Canadian businessman unexpectedly expelled from Cuban jail

A Canadian businessman who was serving a lengthy prison sentence in Cuba for corruption was abruptly expelled on Thursday, bringing to an end an ordeal in which he was first held without charges, and then sentenced to nine years in a tough jail.
Sarkis Yacoubian was reluctant to say much about the circumstances under which he left the communist island’s La Condesa prison less than a year into his sentence.
“I am home, and I just want to be close to my family, and with my mom,” Yacoubian said. “I feel greatly relieved to be back in Canada, and I just want to take my time and think over the whole experience.”
In July 2011, Yacoubian — who operated a $30-million transport company called Tri-Star Caribbean — was arrested by Cuban authorities. It wasn’t until April 2013 that he was formally accused of bribery, tax evasion and “activities damaging to the economy.”
In hopes of mitigating his sentence, Yacoubian decided to cooperate with authorites, and so the nine-year prison term, imposed at the end of a May 2013 trial, surprised his supporters. They began hoping for a transfer to a Canadian jail for the 53-year-old.
But because Yacoubian was expelled from Cuba, he said, he is not subject to transfer conditions that would require him to serve the rest of his sentence in Canada.
Yacoubian’s return to Toronto also raises questions about the legal status of another Canadian being held by Cuban authorities: 73-year-old Cy Tokmakjian remains in La Condesa prison, more than two years after his arrest and with no charges laid.
Tokmakjian, founder of the Tokmakjian Group transportation firm — one of the largest foreign operations in Cuba — was arrested September 2011. His family declined to comment on Yacoubian’s release, but a source close to them said they hoped it could mean there would be movement in Tokmakjian’s case.
Peter Kent, Tokmakjian’s Member of Parliament, told The Star that Yacoubian’s release had been expected, but that the news that he was back in Canada came as a relief.
“My greater concern is about Cy Tokmakjian. Two years without charge, in frail health,” said Kent, adding that Canadian government representatives “have on a number of occasions asked the Cuban authorities to either take him to court, lay charges or release him. And that continues to be our position . . . and that hasn’t happened.”


miércoles, febrero 05, 2014

Toronto mom trapped in Cuba after tot's tragic death

Justine and Cameron in Cuba two hours before the crash
TORONTO - All Justine Davis wants is to come home to Toronto so she can bury her three-year-old son.
She has been stuck for six weeks in a Cuban hospital following a horrific traffic mishap which killed her son, Cameron, just outside the Cayo Largo resort they were staying at over the Christmas holidays.
A source confirmed Tuesday that Cuban authorities are conducting an investigation into the crash involving Davis’s gas-powered rental scooter and a truck.
However, Davis complained that while authorities have not laid any charges, they forbid her to leave Cuba to attend her son’s funeral on Saturday.
She’s hoping the Canadian government will intervene on her behalf.
“They won’t let me go,” Davis, who’s in her 20s, said in a telephone interview from her hospital room at Clinica Cira Garcia in Havana.
“I just don’t know what more they want from me. As for the immigration release — nobody can tell me anything ... They’re deciding whether they want to charge me or release me. I’ve prepared a eulogy for him and it’s going to be really psychologically damaging to miss his funeral.”
She told how the crash took place Dec. 23 on a two-lane road that was partially paved. Davis said she rented a Jeep to take her child sight-seeing, but upon returning it early, the owner of the CubaCar rental company suggested she use up excess time by riding a scooter.
She said there was no additional paperwork to fill out and she and Cameron were given helmets. A spokesman who identified himself as Nelson at CubaCar confirmed to the Toronto Sun it is legal for children to ride on such scooters, provided they wear helmets.
Davis claims Cuban police said she attempted to avoid potholes in the road, right before hitting the truck, which she disagrees with. Davis said she and her son were thrown about nine metres and the child’s helmet came off.
Davis, who was still conscious, crawled to Cameron’s body before they were separated by paramedics.
The little boy died at the scene, but it wasn’t until the next day that Davis was informed about her son’s death.
“He was very happy,” Davis, her voice quivering, said of her son. “He went to a daycare. He really liked gymnastics and going to the park. He really liked to dance and perform on stage. He was just happy.”
Despite repeated phone calls to police stations in Cayo Largo and nearby jurisdictions Tuesday, the Toronto Sun was unable to find anyone to speak on behalf of Cuban authorities.
One officer who answered the phone indicated media needed to contact the local tourism board and then changed his mind to say, “only the detective who is working on the case can give out information.”
When reached, the Havana police department would not put the Sun in contact with Lt.-Col. Rogeleo, the lead investigator in this case. Davis said she requested a copy of the police report, but was told it would take up to three months.
The Canadian Embassy in Cuba referred media to Foreign Affairs Canada, which said government officials are trying to push for the case to be expedited.
“Our thoughts are with the family of the Canadian Citizen who passed away in Cuba,” Foreign Affairs spokesman John Babcock said in an e-mailed statement.
“Canadian consular officials in Havana, Cuba, are providing consular assistance to the family and are in contact with local authorities on the matter.”
A source said Davis is under investigation to determine if she played a role in the crash.
Davis said she doesn’t believe she has done anything wrong.
“They’ve had all the information they’ve had for a long time ... How much longer do I need to wait?” she said.
According to the Foreign Affairs Canada website, traffic accidents are a frequent cause of arrest and detention of Canadians in Cuba.
“Accidents resulting in death or injury are treated as crimes, and the onus is on the driver to prove innocence,” the website read. “Regardless of the nature of the accident, it can take five months to a year for a case to go to trial. In most cases, the driver will not be allowed to leave Cuba until the trial has taken place.”
Cameron’s father, Michael Sifontes, 31, said while frustrated by the lack of information coming out of Cuba, he’s not surprised.
“People need to know not to drive in Cuba,” he said. “They have a false sense of security because we bring so much tourism, that we’re protected there. We’ve heard stories of people getting into fender benders and Cubans hold on to them. They’re really holding on to her because they don’t want to be accountable for what happened. They don’t want their tourism to be affected.”
Davis brought Cameron to the resort because she wanted some family time after her father passed away in November. During the six weeks in hospital, Davis said she underwent five surgeries for broken bones, contusions and a large gash on her left thigh.
Hospital staff will release Davis in the next week or so, but she will have to find a place to live in Cuba while waiting for permission to leave.
The toddler’s body was released Jan. 14 from Cuba and arrived back to Canada on Jan. 18, but only after Davis said she paid $9,500 for embalming and transportation services. Davis said the funeral had to happen this week because embalming standards in Cuba were subpar compared to those in Canada.
A director at Ward Funeral Home at 2035 Weston Rd. confirmed the boy’s funeral is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Saturday.
In the meantime, family and friends are donating to a foundation set up in aid of Cameron, which will help offset costs of the boy’s funeral.
Toronto immigration lawyer Guidy Mamann said this is “by no means” a typical situation.
“The Canadian government has been criticized for being particularly unhelpful to Canadians in distress,” he said. “The Canadian Embassy should be pounding on the prosecutor’s office and saying, ‘Either charge this woman or let her get to her kid’s funeral.’ You can’t keep her waiting. It’s inhumane.”


martes, febrero 04, 2014

Cadáver de turista canadiense “se pierde” en Cuba

Café Fuerte
Zoran Tomic, fallecido en Cuba el pasado enero
Pareciera el relato ideal para un filme de humor negro de Tomás Gutiérrez Alea: los familiares de un turista canadiense que falleció en Cuba están pidiendo explicaciones por una prolongada espera de 18 días en el envío del cadáver por parte de las autoridades de la isla.
Zoran Tomic, de 65 años, murió repentinamente cuando vacacionaba con su esposa en Cuba, el pasado 13 de enero, y sus familiares reclamaron de inmediato el cuerpo para realizar sus funerales en Brampton, la ciudad donde residía, en el área de Toronto, provinciade Ontario.
Se suponía que el cadáver viajaría a la mayor brevedad, pero al parecer un problema con el ataúd que fue trasladado a Cuba por la funeraria de Brampton tuvo en espera a sus familiares hasta el pasado 1 de febrero, según reportó el canal CityNews.
“Es casi como si nadie sabía dónde estaba”, relató David Tomic, hijo del fallecido. “Lo hemos perdido inicialmente, y luego [ las personas que manipulan el cuerpo en Cuba ] lo perdieron también”.
El Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de Canadá está investigando el caso para determinar las razones de la demora.
Ataúd en vuelo
Tomic afirma que fue informado en tres ocasiones de que el ataúd estaba en vuelo hacia Canadá, pero la demora continuaba. Finalmente, el pasado sábado en la noche el cadáver llegó a la funeraria de Brampton que el ataúd había llegado.
Se les informó que el ataúd había sido erróneamente etiquetado como “carga general” en Cuba.
De acuerdo con un comunicado con la aerolínea Air Canada, el féretro les fue entregado para su transportación el 30 de enero. La compañía dice que no tuvo posibilidades de enviarlo al día siguiente por “limitaciones operativas”, pero asegura que mantuvo a la funeraria informada.
“Mantuvimos informada a la fuenraria como parte de nuestro procedimiento habitual, pero en este caso hubo una falta de comunicación interna que estamos investigando. Pedimos disculpas por las incomodidades que esta situación haya provocado”, indicó Isabelle Artthur, portavoz de la aerolínea.
Canadá es el principal emisor de turismo hacia la isla, con 1,105,729 visitantes reportados en el 2013.


martes, enero 28, 2014

Cuba: Impiden a turistas de crucero canadiense contactar con la poblacion de Antillas

Martí Noticias
Una vez a la semana, un crucero procedente de Canadá atraca en el Municipio de Antillas, en Las Tunas. Pocos turistas desembarcan y para los lugareños, es como si la nave "no" estuviera ahí.


lunes, enero 27, 2014

Montreal man dies after accident in Cuba

CJAD 800
By Patrick Lejtenyi
A 32-year-old Montreal man and former CJAD employee who died following a water-related accident in Cuba is being remembered as a man who never quit on his dreams, even when suffereing from serious physical challenges.
Matt Stone was legally blind and suffered from juvenile diabetes but his father Kerry Stone says his ailments never dampened his spirits.
The elder stone says he and his family have made peace with their son's death.
He remembers Matt as someone who never had a bad word to say about anyone, a hard worker and a lifelong radio fan.
He adds that Matt's physical problems never got in the way of his ambitions.
"The word 'can't' wasn't in his vocabulary," he says. He was always up for a challenge. "He'd think it over in his mind, and if it wasn't something totally ridiculous or life-threatening, he'd say, 'Look, I'd like to do it, I think I can and I won't have any problem with it.' And he'd go ahead and he did it."
Matt Stone died as a result of a water-related accident while on a cycling trip in Cuba.
He was in a coma for several days before he was flown home.
Kerry Stone says he died just hours after landing in Montreal on Saturday.
Photo from Facebook


jueves, enero 16, 2014

Canadian tourists delayed in Cuba for almost 20 hours

Nearly 200 weary travellers are finally back on Canadian soil after being stranded in a Cuban
airport for hours without any food or water.
“They just let us rot in a Cuban airport with no water eventually in the end, no food, in heat with babies that have fevers. Kids are walking around crying,” Janina Gibson, a passenger on Flight 683, told CityNews.
Dino Kanelopolous, another passenger, said he arrived at the airport in Varadero around 6:30 p.m. for the flight, which was scheduled to depart at 9 p.m. on Monday. But it was revised to leave Tuesday at 3:45 p.m. with an arrival time at Pearson airport of 6:45 p.m. on Tuesday.
“The information was that there were technical difficulties with one of the planes,” he explained. “They made arrangements to get another flight out. We got that information right around midnight.”
More on 680News >>
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"EN TIEMPOS DIFÍCILES" - Heberto Padilla

A aquel hombre le pidieron su tiempo

para que lo juntara al tiempo de la Historia.

Le pidieron las manos,

porque para una época difícil

nada hay mejor que un par de buenas manos.

Le pidieron los ojos

que alguna vez tuvieron lágrimas

para que contemplara el lado claro

(especialmente el lado claro de la vida)

porque para el horror basta un ojo de asombro.

Le pidieron sus labios

resecos y cuarteados para afirmar,

para erigir, con cada afirmación, un sueño


le pidieron las piernas

duras y nudosas

(sus viejas piernas andariegas),

porque en tiempos difíciles

¿algo hay mejor que un par de piernas

para la construcción o la trinchera?

Le pidieron el bosque que lo nutrió de niño,

con su árbol obediente.

Le pidieron el pecho, el corazón, los hombros.

Le dijeron

que eso era estrictamente necesario.

Le explicaron después

que toda esta donación resultaria inútil.

sin entregar la lengua,

porque en tiempos difíciles

nada es tan útil para atajar el odio o la mentira.

Y finalmente le rogaron

que, por favor, echase a andar,

porque en tiempos difíciles

esta es, sin duda, la prueba decisiva.

Los Aldeanos: "El Socialismo en Tiempos del Colera: Toda Una Nación"


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La columna de Cubanalisis

NEOCASTRISMO [Hacer click en la imagen]

NEOCASTRISMO [Hacer click en la imagen]
¨Saturno jugando con sus hijos¨/ Pedro Pablo Oliva


Carta desde la carcel de Fidel Castro Ruz

“…después de todo, para mí la cárcel es un buen descanso, que sólo tiene de malo el que es obligatorio. Leo mucho y estudio mucho. Parece increíble, las horas pasan como si fuesen minutos y yo, que soy de temperamento intranquilo, me paso el día leyendo, apenas sin moverme para nada. La correspondencia llega normalmente…”

“…Como soy cocinero, de vez en cuando me entretengo preparando algún pisto. Hace poco me mandó mi hermana desde Oriente un pequeño jamón y preparé un bisté con jalea de guayaba. También preparo spaghettis de vez en cuando, de distintas formas, inventadas todas por mí; o bien tortilla de queso. ¡Ah! ¡Qué bien me quedan! por supuesto, que el repertorio no se queda ahí. Cuelo también café que me queda muy sabroso”.
“…En cuanto a fumar, en estos días pasados he estado rico: una caja de tabacos H. Upman del doctor Miró Cardona, dos cajas muy buenas de mi hermano Ramón….”.
“Me voy a cenar: spaghettis con calamares, bombones italianos de postre, café acabadito de colar y después un H. Upman #4. ¿No me envidias?”.
“…Me cuidan, me cuidan un poquito entre todos. No le hacen caso a uno, siempre estoy peleando para que no me manden nada. Cuando cojo el sol por la mañana en shorts y siento el aire de mar, me parece que estoy en una playa… ¡Me van a hacer creer que estoy de vacaciones! ¿Qué diría Carlos Marx de semejantes revolucionarios?”.
¨La patria es dicha de todos, y dolor de todos, y cielo para todos, y no feudo ni capellaní­a de nadie¨ - Marti

"No temas ni a la prision, ni a la pobreza, ni a la muerte. Teme al miedo"
Giacomo Leopardi

¨Por eso es muy importante, Vicky, hijo mío, que recuerdes siempre para qué sirve la cabeza: para atravesar paredes¨Halvar de Flake [El vikingo]

"Como no me he preocupado de nacer, no me preocupo de morir" - Lorca

"Al final, no os preguntarán qué habéis sabido, sino qué habéis hecho" - Jean de Gerson

"Si queremos que todo siga como está, es necesario que todo cambie" - Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

"Todo hombre paga su grandeza con muchas pequeñeces, su victoria con muchas derrotas, su riqueza con múltiples quiebras" - Giovanni Papini

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" - John Lennon

"Habla bajo, lleva siempre un gran palo y llegarás lejos" - Proverbio Africano

"No hay medicina para el miedo" - Proverbio escoces

"El supremo arte de la guerra es doblegar al enemigo sin luchar"
- Sun Tzu

"You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother" - Albert Einstein

"It is inaccurate to say I hate everything. I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty, and common decency. This makes me forever ineligible for public office" - H. L. Menken

"I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented" - Elie Wiesel

"Stay hungry, stay foolish" -
Steve Jobs

"If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert , in five years ther'ed be a shortage of sand" - Milton Friedman

"The tragedy of modern man is not that he knows less and less about the meaning of his own life, but that it bothers him less and less" - Vaclav Havel

"No se puede controlar el resultado, pero si lo que uno haga para alcanzarlo" -
Vitor Belfort [MMA Fighter]


A la puerta de la gloria está San Pedro sentado y ve llegar a su lado a un hombre de cierta historia. No consigue hacer memoria y le pregunta con celo: ¿Quién eras allá en el suelo? Era Liborio mi nombre. Has sufrido mucho, hombre, entra, te has ganado el cielo.

Para Raul Castro

Cuba ocupa el penultimo lugar en el mundo en libertad economica solo superada por Corea del Norte.

Cuba ocupa el lugar 147 entre 153 paises evaluados en "Democracia, Mercado y Transparencia 2007"

Cuando vinieron

Cuando vinieron a buscar a los comunistas, Callé: yo no soy comunista.
Cuando vinieron a buscar a los sindicalistas, Callé: yo no soy sindicalista.
Cuando vinieron a buscar a los judíos, Callé: yo no soy judío. Cuando vinieron a buscar a los católicos, Callé: yo no soy “tan católico”.
Cuando vinieron a buscarme a mí, Callé: no había quien me escuchara.

Reverendo Martin Niemöller

Martha Colmenares

Martha Colmenares
Un sitio donde los hechos y sus huellas nos conmueven o cautivan


Donde esta el Mundo, donde los Democratas, donde los Liberales? El pueblo de Cuba llora y nadie escucha.
Donde estan los Green, los Socialdemocratas, los Ricos y los Pobres, los Con Voz y Sin Voz? Cuba llora y nadie escucha.
Donde estan el Jet Set, los Reyes y Principes, Patricios y Plebeyos? Cuba desesperada clama por solidaridad.
Donde Bob Dylan, donde Martin Luther King, donde Hollywood y sus estrellas? Donde la Middle Class democrata y conservadora, o acaso tambien liberal a ratos? Y Gandhi? Y el Dios de Todos?
Donde los Santos y Virgenes; los Dioses de Cristianos, Protestantes, Musulmanes, Budistas, Testigos de Jehova y Adventistas del Septimo Dia. Donde estan Ochun y todas las deidades del Panteon Yoruba que no acuden a nuestro llanto? Donde Juan Pablo II que no exige mas que Cuba se abra al Mundo y que el Mundo se abra a Cuba?
Que hacen ahora mismo Alberto de Monaco y el Principe Felipe que no los escuchamos? Donde Madonna, donde Angelina Jolie y sus adoptados around de world; o nos hara falta un Brando erguido en un Oscar por Cuba? Donde Sean Penn?
Donde esta la Aristocracia Obrera y los Obreros menos Aristocraticos, donde los Working Class que no estan junto a un pueblo que lanquidece, sufre y llora por la ignominia?
Que hacen ahora mismo Zapatero y Rajoy que no los escuchamos, y Harper y Dion, e Hillary y Obama; donde McCain que no los escuchamos? Y los muertos? Y los que estan muriendo? Y los que van a morir? Y los que se lanzan desesperados al mar?
Donde estan el minero cantabrico o el pescador de percebes gijonese? Los Canarios donde estan? A los africanos no los oimos, y a los australianos con su acento de hombres duros tampoco. Y aquellos chinos milenarios de Canton que fundaron raices eternas en la Isla? Y que de la Queen Elizabeth y los Lords y Gentlemen? Que hace ahora mismo el combativo Principe Harry que no lo escuchamos?
Donde los Rockefellers? Donde los Duponts? Donde Kate Moss? Donde el Presidente de la ONU? Y Solana donde esta? Y los Generales y Doctores? Y los Lam y los Fabelo, y los Sivio y los Fito Paez?
Y que de Canseco y Miñoso? Y de los veteranos de Bahia de Cochinos y de los balseros y de los recien llegados? Y Carlos Otero y Susana Perez? Y el Bola, y Pancho Cespedes? Y YO y TU?
Y todos nosotros que estamos aqui y alla rumiando frustaciones y resquemores, envidias y sinsabores; autoelogios y nostalgias, en tanto Louis Michel comulga con Perez Roque mientras Biscet y una NACION lanquidecen?
Donde Maceo, donde Marti; donde aquel Villena con su carga para matar bribones?
Cuba llora y clama y el Mundo NO ESCUCHA!!!

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